What is cycle chic?

Cycle chic is a movement, a bike parade for women and not only, but for all ages, for all those who want to get out more, to feel good and have a memorable time with the rest of the people from the city.

With this event we want to motivate women to reintegrate the bicycle in their lives, for a healthier lifestyle. Take the bike, dress as you want and understand that riding the bicycle does not restrict in any way.

We asked each woman to bring her bike, her skirt or dress, to make herself most beautiful possible and come out with us to this parade. Also, bring the kids and men for more encouragement and more fun!

One more thing! Do not forget the flowers, balloons or paper windmills! You will not come with a empty basket, won’t you? We have to make this movement cheerful, fun, colorful and cozy! More colors is better!

baloane si moristi
As you have seen, this started in Copenhagen, then expanded in all major cities worldwide. In Spain it exists in cities like Valencia, Almeria, Barcelona, Vitoria-Gasteiz etc.

Objective Cycle Chic!

The mission is to promote cycling from another perspective, as a safe, fun, happy and – why not? – a fancy way of transportation. The aim is to increase the number of bicycles on the streets, promoting their use in daily life, to go to work, to school, to the market, or to do any daily activity. By having more bikes on the streets, we encourage other people to consider cycling as their transport of choice.

Castalla CycleChic details!

Each one can bring a water bottle, a snack for themselves and their children. Flowers, balloons and paper windmills, or anything funny! We think that, before the parade starts, the little ones, who cannot ride a bike, could learn how to do it, right there, on the spot! Children always have more encouragement when surrounded by other children! And not just the kids, the older ones too!

With this movement we want to encourage the municipality into creating special places to leave the bikes, like bike-stands, create more bike lanes in the city, not just out of town, and attract a small bike rental shop. What do you think?

Why take the car, when Castalla is so small that cycling is very easy and without much effort? Also, you’ll save some gas too, which will be at least about 10 euros each week, right? 😉

One of the important rules is no helmet in pictures, so… without helmets or other protective measures at the parade! …One of the laws of Copenhagen cycle chic…


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